Tuesday, June 6, 2017

MOD MAN #1 Harumi

The magical moment came and went. The moment this time was for Maria Patterson and her Couture Hair designs. He had realized over the years that with as much work and planning that went into these shows, there was only a fleeting space of time where all eyes are on the showcasing of the work. That was the lifestyle he had carved out for myself and it was now an everyday reality.

The art space was packed to the walls with people and overflowed to the outside of the gallery where the reception was to be taking place. Amber glowing lights hung from the tree branches setting the mood as the dj’s selection of jazzy lo-fi instrumentals were the soundtrack to the interplay of well dressed guests, artists, and socialites sipping off flutes of champagne. 

He had become a fixture at these events, as it was his gallery backing Maria’s latest creative endeavor. He had also been on the hunt searching out artists, designers, and photographers, convincing them that to do a show with him would be in their best interest. This was the inevitable next level for him, as it kept him young at heart, mind and everything he did relevant, as he was the man to know.

He was a bit dressed down for this event wearing a fresh pair of Japanese denim jeans, a vintage white v-neck a black Marc Jacobs motorcycle jacket, a Brietling Navitimer Cosmonaute watch on his wrist and a pair galaxy Kobe 4s on his feet. He was excited for the whole event and everything seemed to be going great. He moved through the crowd looking to catch up with some familiar characters and find Maria and her girls for their post show drink, and that is when he saw her.

She was the only one not moving, not talking to anyone, or fucking with her phone, as she stood off by herself against a gallery wall. She wore a royal blue dress that came down to the flirty middle of her thighs, a matching red leather jacket and purse. Her hair was in a loose bun on the top of her head with poppy red suede open toed heels. As he watched she just continued to stand there. He began thinking at any moment she’d be accompanied by her boyfriend or at least a few people she came with, but no one showed up. He was amazed at how someone dressed so vibrant could be so alone.

He found Maria and her girls posted up at one of the plush leather seating areas. He gave her a big hug and kiss on the cheek, He was really proud of her and seemed to always be impressed with her energy and creative passion. It was always a joy working with her. He surveyed the lovely ladies with her and most He knew and greeted with a hug and kiss on the cheek. Those he hadn’t met, he introduced himself and kissed their hand.

The party began to pickup as a wave of late arrivals came through. At that point, he grabbed a champagne flute off the tray as a waiter walked by. Moving to another level of the gallery where he could see the entire reception below his phone rang. Seeing whom it was he debated not to answer, but in the split second he clicked it on, “Hello?” It was Kimberly and Okoye calling for directions to the gallery. Not being able to hear clearly where they were or where they were coming from, he made his way to a nearby exit that would lead him to the quiet he needed to get them the information. 

As he hung up with them walking back to the exit reaching, for the door handle the door opened. It was the girl he saw earlier standing by herself. Pleasantly surprised, he stumbled on what to say to break the ice. He held the door open letting her walk out. “Leaving already?” He asked. She looked at him half smiling. He then told her how much he loved what she was wearing. I must have sounded like a write from a fashion blog, as he had become accustomed to knowing the details; it was part of his work. Still she just gave him a half smile. He introduced himself and stretched out his hand to shake hers and get her name. When she finally spoke in a soft broken English pattern, she told him her name was Harumi from Japan smiling as she said it. From that moment it was like the spotlight went on in his head, and she was the main attraction. Anyone who knew him knew he was into all things Japanese be it the culture, fashion, food, or women. 

They quickly began to find a way to converse, as he helped her finish sentences in English. She went on to explain how she had gotten here and what she thought about the show. They then sat at a bench; he had run back inside for a bottle of champagne to enhance the mood. Back at the bench, she began asking questions about himself, who he was, what he did, but all he wanted was to hear her talk watching her pink pouty lips contort as she searched for the words in English. They went back and forth talking for what seemed like hours.

The party was still going, as it should.  He had learned a little Japanese, but not enough to conversate with a born speaker, but he gave it a go. The champagne had done its work. They were both feeling a little tipsy and not wanting the conversation to end he asked if she wanted to see his place. She was willing and obliged him. They moved to his car, a pearl white Lexus parked out front and drove up the hill to his place. She was amazed at the layout saying it in Japanese and searching for the words in English. She was so fine, long lashes and big brown eyes that put you in a trance. Once inside he gave her the tour of the place. 

He then fixed them both another drink and moved out to the deck looking out at the city lights below. She kicked off her poppy red heels freeing her exquisite toes and feet, another weakness of his. He moved closer and picked up one of her shoes. They were Jimmy Choo’s. She indeed had great taste.  He asked her what she thought of America, setting his drink down and taking her left foot and then her right and put them across his lap and began massaging the soles of her feet. She told him America is like the place where anything can happen. If you will it enough it will come true, but she went on to say that if you miss your moment, you might not live long enough for it to come around again. He was so in tune to what she was saying that he found himself gripping and caressing her thighs and then sliding his hand up under her dress ever so slightly, gradually moving further up her legs. She watched him with anticipation not saying a word. She parted her pouty lips as if she was preparing to say something, looking him intently in the eyes. She spread her knees apart. He could see she was as natural as they get and very ready. He paused for a second knowing she was looking forward to what more he would share with her. Casting an eclipse like shadow on her face, as he moved over her. He watched her eyes closes and then slowly opening again. He then took it upon himself to translate her gaze and posture taking her right there.

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