Thursday, June 8, 2017


The work day was seemingly blowing by. Yet in all the constant movement he felt something ominous lurking about. He had sent all his current work files in for review, managed to have lunch without spilling coffee on himself and had even successfully avoided Derek in the hallway and his rants about why this was such a terrible place to work.
Nearing the end of the day the assistant to the boss came to his cubicle to notify him he was summoned to the boss's office. Looking over at his closest colleague, which had a troubled expression on her face he got up from his chair. This made him worry. Then he saw another colleague in the hall give him a similar look. This cued him something was up. Stopping at the water cooler his now parched mouth needed to be refreshed. 
Upon reaching the boss's office he was asked to close the door behind him and have a seat. His heart dropped. He needed this job. He had no prospects on the back burner and an out of date resume that needed work fearing this whole to do was lead up to him being let go. 
His intuition was right watching the words coming out of his boss's mouth made the whole thing very real. Telling him his project numbers were too low and the competitive landscape of his job made him expendable. That is when he recognized the look he was getting from everyone. It was the look he gave his ex colleague when he was let go a few weeks earlier. He thought to himself how things had come full circle. 
Leaving the boss's office he headed back to his cubicle and there were feelings of rage bubbling up, as his shoulders and hands were getting tense. He needed this job and now it was gone. He gathered a few things at his cubicle that he couldn't leave without that day wondering where he'd go from here.
Heading out of the office feeling a welling up of strong emotion, frustration and anger it grew till it hit the brim and he shead a tear then another then another. He was in tears by the time he reached the outside world uncertain of his future.

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