Saturday, June 10, 2017


Carl Casper is an acclaimed chef with a family life that seems as decaying as his artistic freedom. Those frustrations boil over into a raucous viral-videoed public confrontation against a restaurant critic who panned his cooking of food that his boss ordered him to make against his instincts. Now with his career ruined, Carl's ex-wife offers an unorthodox solution in Miami: refit an old food truck to offer quality cooking on his own terms. Now with his young son, Percy, and old colleague, Martin, helping, Carl takes a working trip across America with that truck to rediscover his gastronomic passion. With Percy's tech savvy and Martin's enthusiasm, Carl finds that he is creating a traveling sensation on the way home. In doing so, Carl discovers he is serving up more than simply food, but also a deeper connection with his life and his family that is truly delicious in its own way. Written by Kenneth Chisholm ( (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

This was one of those films recommended by a friend that you plan to see because you vided with another film they recommended. So upon viewing CHEF I began to see why his taste is similar to mine as I enjoy films that show characters that truly develop throughout the storyline. These types of films are most true to me as I endeavor to be someone who develops myself through the storyline of my life. I also am seeing CHEF as a very real to life blueprint for someone looking to embark on a similar journey. So for CHEF I give it 4 stars.

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